Joint Intermittent Testing Working Group

The Joint Intermittent Testing (JIT), which was first chartered in September 2012, is a joint services forum to leverage current and emerging commercial industry activity for demonstration, testing, and cost analysis of Intermittent Fault Detection Technologies.  JIT goals include:

  • Defining and validating joint performance requirements for Joint Service intermittent fault detection.
  • Collecting and analyzing implementation and operational data on commercial field intermittent fault detection currently in use.
  • Defining the minimum fault detection threshold requirements for applicable wiring systems, component types, and system architectures.
  • Identifying, defining and validating test methods for ensuring that specified minimum performance requirements for detecting and isolating intermittence are met.
  • Publishing joint performance requirements (See MIL-PRF-32516 and MIL-HDBK-527).
  • Briefing and publishing findings in a technical report and making recommendations to Service Components on a path forward.